CS 405/605 - Artificial Intelligence, Spring 2012
TR 3:40 - 5:10 in Chapman 104


04/05 Here is the pento.c, a simple pentomino solver.
04/05 Here is the Einstein Quiz.
04/05 The server code and an example game log from the last class is now available. You may use this or make up your own, but it is the responsibility of all of the checkers groups to be able to play each other over the network.
03/27 Here are the final times to turn something in for each part of the project. I will assign a grade based on whatever you have turned in by 5pm on that date. If you already turned something in and have made substantial improvements, you may turn in a new version for any part.

Board Evaluation Function - Thursday March 29
NN Evolver - Friday March 30
Move Generator / Alpha-Beta - Monday April 2
GUI - Tuesday April 3
Game Play / Tournament - Wednesday April 4

02/09 Here is the timing source code that we looked at in class with the results for my laptop using 1 core.
02/09 Class on 2/14 will be a work session with no lecture. I'll be here for any questions or help with your code due on Thursday.
02/02 For Project Part 1 Due 2/16. Write a feed-forward neural network solver to use as a board evaluation function. Your program should be able to generate a network of any size. Input to your program should be N, NL1, NL2, NL3, ..., NLN, which is the number of layers and the number of nodes in each layer. Your network should be fully connected from one layer to another. Test your program with NL1=32, NL2=40, NL3=10, NL4=1 (the original Blondie24 network) and something with at least 6 layers and at least 200 nodes. Test with random board inputs and determine the number of board evaluations you can do per second. Benchmark your code to determine where your bottlenecks are and try to make this as efficient as possible.
01/24 Schedule has been posted.
01/19 Syllabus has been posted.

Course Materials:

01/24 - Schedule
01/19 - Syllabus