CS 471 - Software Engineering
Project: Software Requirements Document
Draft Due Wednesday November 2 by 5pm

What follows is a typical description of need from a potential client. Whether or not that is actually me is for you to decide.

I'm having trouble keeping track of all of the tasks that I need to perform. What I envision is a computerized "TODO" list where I can enter a task description, a project name, a due date, and my estimate of how long it will take to complete. I'm a consultant and need to be able to determine the amount of time I've spent on a project and/or task, so the the system must maintain all of tasks no longer active (whether completed or not).

Specific functionality I can think of right now is:

Create a draft Software Requirements Document using a template from the book or any of the IEEE/ACM standard documents. Focus on the requirements and don't include design and/or implementation details if at all possible.

We will conduct an "interview session" in class on Wednesday November 2 where you can ask questions and I will take on the role of the customer. The draft will be worth 5% of your final grade and the final version will be worth 5% of your final grade.