CS 471 - Software Engineering
Fall 2011 Exam #1
Due Monday October 24 by 5pm

You may use any resource (book, internet, notes, etc) as long as you complete this exam by yourself. Document any sources you use and make it clear what you have written and what you are using from other sources. Turn in your exam during class or e-mail it to me by 5pm on Monday October 24.

This is a writing-intensive class, so part of your grade will be based on the clarity and style of your writing. My length estimates are only a guideline. You should focus on high content-to-word ratio (e.g. an answer that provides the same information in 1 page is better than an answer that takes 3 pages to provide the same information.)

  1. Find 3 different large-scale software development projects of at least $100 million that have failed in the past 5-10 years. For each project:
  2. Research the NYC CityTime automated payroll project.
  3. For each of the two software requirements documents we covered, DONOR and TSUNAMI,