CS 471 - Software Engineering, Fall 2011
MWF 10:30 - 11:30 in Chapman 104


11/29 Your TODO system implementation and program/system documentation is due Monday December 12 by 5pm.
11/29 The final version of your Design Plan Document based on your team's Software Requirements Document is due Friday December 2 by 5pm. You do not have to submit this if you are happy with the grade on your draft.
11/14 A draft of your Design Plan Document based on your team's Software Requirements Document is due Monday November 21 by 5pm.
10/27 A draft of your Software Requirements Document is due Wednesday November 2 by 5pm.
10/14 The take-home mid-term exam is due Monday Oct 24 by 5pm.
10/03 I gave out two software requirements documents in class today. Read them and be ready to discuss them in class on Wednesday.
10/03 Your final draft of HW #1 is due Friday Oct 7 by 5pm.
09/15 No class or office hours on Friday.
09/14 HW #1 is due Monday Sep 19 by 5pm.
09/02 The class web page is live.

Topics 9th ed 8th ed
Intro/SWE Ethics 1 1
SW Process Models
Activities: Specification, Design, Implementation, Validation, Evolution
Models: Waterfall, Incremental, Reuse-oriented SWE
2 4
Agile SW Development 3 17
Requirements Engineering
Functional vs. non-functional requirements
Requirements Specification
Requirements Elicitation & Analysis
Scenaries/Use Cases
4 6/7
System Modeling
Context/Interaction/Structural/Behavioral Models
5 8
Software Architecture
Design Decisions, Views, Patterns, Application Architectures
6 11/13
Design & Implementation 7 14/16
SW Testing 8 23
SW Evolution 9 21
Sociotechnical Systems 10 2/3
Dependability & Security Specification
Dependability Properities/metrics
Availability & Reliability metrics
Safety & Security metrics
11/12 30
Project Management 22 5

Course Materials:

09/02 - Syllabus