CS 471 - Software Engineering
Fall 2010 Syllabus

Instructor: Prof. J Genetti
Office Hours: 208B Chapman MWF 1-2, TR 10:30-11:30 or by appointment
Phone/Email: 474-5737 / jdgenetti @ alaska . edu
Class Time/Location: MWF 10:30-11:30 Chapman 104
Class web page: http://www.cs.uaf.edu/2010/fall/cs471
Prerequisites: CS 311, ENGL 111X, ENGL 21[12]X
Department policies: http://www.cs.uaf.edu/cs/Policies.html
Required Textbook: Software Engineering (8th edition) by Sommerville

Chapters Covered

There will be 3 exams during the semester. Each exam will make up 20% of your final grade. Exam 1 will be Monday October 11, exam 2 will be Monday November 8, and exam 3 will be during scheduled final exam time of Friday Dec 17 from 10:15a-12:15p. Exams will consist of short answer questions to demonstrate critical thinking skills as well as application of software engineering concepts. Some exams or portions of exams may be take-home in order to investigate cases in depth.

Homework will be assigned several times throughout the semester and 2 will require oral presentation of the results. Homework will make up 20% of your final grade. Late submissions will be severely penalized if accepted.

There will be an in-depth project to demostrate your ability to research and produce the documentation associated with a software engineering project. Documentation will include drafts, feedback (through written comments and conferences with instructor), and revisions. The project will make up 20% of your final grade.

Grading Policy:
Final grades will be assigned based on the following percentage intervals: A+ [95%,100%], A [90%,95%), A- [85%,90%), B+ [80%,85%), B [75%,80%), B- [70%,75%), C+ [65%,70%), C [60%,65%), C- [55%,60%), D+ [50%,55%), D [45%,50%), D- [40%,45%), F [0%,40%).