Project 2: Implement a Cool Simulation

CS 480 2009, Dr. Lawlor

Project Requirements

Project two is to actually write or extend a cool simulation of your choice.

This project can be done individually, or in a group of your choice.

There are three deliverables for this project: a code draft, a presentation, and the final code.  Everything should be turned in electronically via Blackboard (links to be provided from the main page).
  1. An executable code draft due Thursday, April 23 (just two weeks hence!).
  2. A 10-minute in-class presentation on Thursday, April 30th.  Talk about your method, show off your demo, walk us through your code, and explain what went wrong and what worked well.
  3. The final version of your code is due on Thursday, May 7th.  This version should be polished and pretty.

Possible Topics (or pick your own!)

Choose any one of these topics, or make up your own topic. Remember you've got under a month to finish your entire project, so keep it simple!