Project 1: Research Topic

CS 480 2009, Dr. Lawlor

Project Requirements

The idea for this first project is for you to read up on some existing simulation technique or application domain.  There are just three deliverables for this project: a project topic, a presentation, and a set of lecture notes.  Note that "code" is NOT a deliverable for this project--you're not expected to implement these yet!  Everything should be turned in electronically via Blackboard (links to be provided from the main page).
  1. A "Topic" paper, about a page long, describes what you plan to do.  It's due on Thursday, February 26th.
  2. A 15-minute in-class presentation on Tuesday, March 17th and Thursday, March 19th (the week after spring break).  Here's your chance to give us a super-compressed talk on a topic of your choice!
  3. Lecture notes, turned in by midnight on Thursday, March 19th.  These should be about a page or two long, in HTML, and suitable for posting to the course webpage.  This can be similar to your topic paper, but should be more detailed and fully polished.

Possible Topics (or pick your own!)

Choose any one of these topics, or pick your own topic. Remember you've got under a month to finish everything, so keep it simple! If these seem too big, feel free to simplify them in your "topic" paper.

The general form of this project is: Research a method for simulating...
Note that the above links are chosen purely on the basis of visual coolness; better links explaining the above techniques undoubtably exist!