CS481/CS681 - Topics in Computer Graphics - 2008

  • Example Code:
    • 405_neuralnet--Neural network checkerboard evaluation on the graphics card. Gets close to 1m evaluations/second. Download: .zip w/exe (640K) .tar.gz (581K) (modified 2008-04-24)
    • 481_gpgpu--Perform interesting non-graphics computations on the graphics card. Download: .zip w/exe (636K) .tar.gz (571K) (modified 2008-04-22)
    • 481_terrain1--Terrain read from a USGS "BIL" (raw 16-bit binary) elevation image, and drawn it onscreen using a vertex buffer object. Download: .zip w/exe (1.8M) .tar.gz (1.8M) (modified 2008-04-15)
    • 481_framebuffer_ifs--Demonstrates how to use EXT_framebuffer_object, and how to render Iterated Function Systems (IFS) with render-to-texture. Download: .zip w/exe (1.2M) .tar.gz (1014K) (modified 2008-04-10)
    • 481_global2--Global illumination via small rendered views. This version includes self-illumination, and uses vertex buffer objects (VBOs). Download: .zip w/exe (1.3M) .tar.gz (1.1M) (modified 2008-04-08)
    • 481_global1--Reads a .obj model, and computes global illumination by rendering the world from the point of view of each vertex of the model. Download: .zip w/exe (1.3M) .tar.gz (1.1M) (modified 2008-04-03)
    • 481_object--Shows how to read a Blender Wavefront .obj file, and display the resulting object. Download: .zip w/exe (1.3M) .tar.gz (1.1M) (modified 2008-03-26)
    • 481_gui--Demonstrates how to properly do gamelike keyboard-and-mouse camera control, and use GLUI to easily make a nice graphical interface panel. Download: .zip w/exe (1.2M) .tar.gz (1.1M) (modified 2008-03-18)
    • 481_raytrace1--More complex raytracer in GLSL with a GLUI user interface. Download: .zip w/exe (1.2M) .tar.gz (1.1M) (modified 2008-02-28)
    • 481_raytrace0--Simple raytracer in plain GLSL. Download: .zip w/exe (630K) .tar.gz (570K) (modified 2008-02-28)
    • 481_shadowmap--Small example of how to generate and use a shadow map to generate shadows. Download: .zip w/exe (632K) .tar.gz (570K) (modified 2008-02-25)
    • 481_blur--Perform fullscreen blurring using repeated copy-to-texture. Download: .zip w/exe (632K) .tar.gz (570K) (modified 2008-02-22)
    • 481_texture--Shows how to read a 2D image from a file, and use it from fixed-function OpenGL and GLSL. Download: .zip w/exe (729K) .tar.gz (670K) (modified 2008-02-14)
    • 481_polkadot--Slightly more complicated procedural texturing--polka dots and bullseyes. Also shows how to read shaders from a file like "fragment.txt". Download: .zip w/exe (615K) .tar.gz (550K) (modified 2008-02-14)
    • 481_lighting--Simple demo of per-pixel specular, diffuse, and ambient lighting. Download: .zip w/exe (613K) .tar.gz (550K) (modified 2008-01-30)
    • 481_glsl--Very small simple program using programmable shaders. Download: .zip w/exe (608K) .tar.gz (550K) (modified 2008-01-30)

Reference Material

Meeting time: 11:30-1:00pm
Room 107 Chapman Building
University of Alaska Fairbanks

UAF CS F481/F681
3.0 Credits, Spring 2007
Prerequisite: CS 381 (Graphics)

Instructor: Dr. Orion Lawlor
ffosl@uaf.edu, 474-7678
Office: 210C Chapman
Hours: 2-3pm TR (or whenever!)

O. Lawlor, ffosl@uaf.edu
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