HW6: Volumes

CS 481/681 2007 Homework, Dr. Lawlor

Render an interesting volume dataset from any angle. To do this, you'll have to either not use slices, or else make the slices depend on the view direction (somehow) so you're never looking down the slices the short way. You can either do this in a discrete fashion (keep the slices along the axes, but switch which axis) or continuously vary the slice angle--your choice. You also need only compensate for "viewMat"; you don't have to worry about "modelMat".
Here's what I came up with. I ended up varying the slice axis discretely, although I'm still getting some brightness variations.

This assignment is due at midnight on Tuesday, Febrary 13.  Please turn in ALL source code used for this assignment, unless you used my libraries, in which case only turn in main.cpp and your modified shaders.  Turn everything in on blackboard.