HW2: Donut Arm

CS 481/681 2007 Homework, Dr. Lawlor

This homework is to write an OpenGL graphics application with robot-arm style "donut arm":
You should render the donut arm with at least a diffuse light source, a ground plane, and some sort of shadows.  Projected shadows are recommended, by doing a glScalef to squash the geometry down to (just above) the ground plane.  To be able to do the shadows, be sure to save the model matrix before moving down the arm segments!

Here's a screenshot of what I wrote.  I started with the 481_matrix2 example program from the course homepage.
shiny red triangle

This assignment is due at midnight on Tuesday, January 30.  Please turn in ALL source code used for this assignment, unless you used my libraries, in which case only turn in main.cpp and your modified shaders.  Turn everything in on blackboard.