HW1: Shiny Red Triangle

CS 481/681 2007 Homework, Dr. Lawlor

Your first homework is to write an OpenGL graphics application with:
If you can't do these things after looking at the CS381 examples, this class is going to be very hard for you!

Here's a screenshot of what I wrote.  I started with the "tiny_glsl.cpp" example, added "#include <glew.c>" to fix the link error, added GLSL compile error checking code, wrote a pixel shader, added a rotation matrix, and hooked it to the mouse with glutMotionFunc.  I think I'd have had a much easier time using my ogl libraries, though...
shiny red triangle

This assignment is due at midnight on Thursday, January 25.  Please turn in ALL source code used for this assignment.  Please do include a binary (for Windows, Linux, or Mac OS X). Turn in your assignment files on blackboard.