Proj2: Second Project

CS 321, Dr. Lawlor

So we've got *two* projects in this class.  This is the second project, and it's got four parts:
  1. A project "topic paper", due midnight Friday, April 6, turned in on blackboard, written in HTML, that describes:
  2. The project code rough draft, due midnight Monday, April 23 on Blackboard.  The code must:
  3. The project code final draft, due midnight Wednesday, May 2 on Blackboard.  This version must actually work! I'd like the code (with comments), and an executable. No writeup is needed.
  4. An extremely short presentation, about two minutes long, given in class on Friday, May 4th.  This is enough time to:

Possible Project Topics

Pick one of these, or feel free to make up your own topic!  You can cover *anything* that talks to the OS, works like the OS, or relates to the OS stuff we've covered in class.  If you'd like to extend your topic for project1, please go right ahead!

For example: