OpenMP: Threaded Programming for Mortals

CS 441 Lecture, Dr. Lawlor

There's a newish language extension out there called OpenMP, designed to make it easier to write multithreaded code.

Here's how you enable OpenMP in various compilers.  Visual C++ 2005, Intel C++ version 9.0, and gcc version 4.2 all support OpenMP, although earlier versions do not!

Here's the idiomatic OpenMP program: slap "#pragma parallel for" in front of your main loop.  You're done!

Here's a more complex "who am I"-style OpenMP program from Lawrence Livermore National Labs.  Note the compiler "#pragma" statements!

On the powerwall, you can compile and run OpenMP code as follows:
    g++ get_info.c -o get_info -fopenmp

Chris Granade has a nice page on OpenMP on the Cell Broadband Engine.