Powerwall Accounts & Parallelism

CS 441 Lecture, Dr. Lawlor

I've given you all accounts on the UAF Bioinformatics Powerwall up in Chapman 205.  You can SSH in directly from on-campus, but from off-campus the UAF firewall will block you unless you SSH to port 80 (normally the web port).  On UNIX systems, that's like "ssh -p 80 fsxxx@powerwall0.cs.uaf.edu".

Once you're logged into the powerwall, copy over the "mandel" example program with:
    cp -r ~olawlor/441_demo/mandel .

Now build and run the "mandel" program like so:
    cd mandel
    mpirun -np 2 ./mandel

You can edit the source code with pico, a friendly little editor (use the arrow keys, press Ctrl-X to exit)
    pico main.cpp

You can make a backup copy of the code with
    cp main.cpp bak_v1_original.cpp

If you have a UNIX machine, you can view the resulting fractal image with:
    xv out.ppm
Or you can copy the files off the powerwall for local display; you may prefer to
    convert out.ppm out.jpg
to get a normal JPEG.

Parallelism Generally

Some applications are quite easy to parallelize.  Others aren't.