Etching Printed Circuit Boards the Gootee Way

CS 441 Lecture, Dr. Lawlor

Semiconductor manufacturing is just a long series of deposit/mask/etch cycles, building up the parts of the circuit on a piece of silicon.

This is the "Gootee method" for garage printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturing.  It uses an ordinary laser printout as an acid-etch mask on a copper-clad fiberglass board.  It takes maybe half an hour to prepare a circuit board this way, plus a little more time to drill holes and solder on components. (This information is FYI on a personal hobby of mine--it will not appear on the test!)

Prepare the Mask

Here are a few of my PCB masks: (PNG image) (vector SVG image).
Preview Image Map 0

Mask Off Your Copper-Clad Board With Toner

Preview Image Map 0
img_6072 img_6074 img_6077 img_6082 img_6085

Preview Image Map 1
img_6086 img_6088 img_6089 img_6091

Etch Away Unmasked Copper With Acid

Preview Image Map 0
img_6092 img_6094 img_6095 img_6096 img_6100

Preview Image Map 1
img_6101 img_6102 img_6107 img_6108 img_6110

Mount Components

Preview Image Map 0
img_6111 img_6115 img_6117 img_6118 img_6119