CS 381 HW6--Shadows from Multiple Light Sources

This homework is based on the "shadow" example program. You can download buildable source and a prebuilt binary for Windows and Linux (Zip, Tar-gzip).  You WILL have to recompile this program to finish this homework, so try out your compilers early!

I'd like you to modify my program to support at least two light sources under at least four of the five working shadow methods--and no, "None" isn't a shadow method! And the "Penumbra Limit Maps" menu item doesn't actually work for even *one* light source.

Here's what I'd like your program to be able to compute--two separate shadows from two separate lights.  This should work for all but one of the shadow methods.

Two light sources, shadow volumes

Note the two rotation balls to control the lights independently, and note how the shadows interact where a point is shadowed by both light sources.

Turn in your finished C++ "main.cpp" file via blackboard. Please do NOT turn in any of the OpenGL libraries--I've already got 'em, thanks!

Due midnight Thursday,  November 9th.  Be sure to try them out before submitting them! If Blackboard doesn't work for you, or you don't have an account, you can email this homework to me at ffosl@uaf.edu.

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